B2C-HEALTH Project

Integration of electronic patient contacting in health care processes

Electronic information exchange between healthcare service providers and customers have not yet become common, even if several efforts have taken place. One of the reasons is that a secure and user-friendly technical service solution is still missing. VTT has developed and evaluated new document-based and generic solutions in two Finnwell projects: B2C-MED and B2C-HEALTH.

The objective of the follow-on project B2C-PRO is to improve the usability from both customer and service provider point of view. Furthermore, the objective is to integrate the customer service solution with the care process in particular use cases of Jorvi Hospital and North Carelia Central Hospital. The first use case involves patient communication with service provider before an ambulatory surgery. In this case, the customer service platform provided by Itella is used. The second use case addresses communication related to infertility care process. In this use case the PIR document service provided by VTT is used. The project includes also a review on electronic patient services based on a research visit to USA.

The project is part of the Finnwell technology programme financed by the National Technology Agency (Tekes). The project activity will be carried out in the time frame 1.11.2006 - 30.10.2007.

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